Research Method


CIAV2013 | 7th ATP | VerSus

In October 2013, Escola Superior Gallaecia and ICOMOS-CIAV, International Scientific Committee for Vernacular Architecture jointly organised in Vila Nova de Cerveira, north of Portugal, the International Conference Vernacular Heritage and Earthen Architecture CIAV2013 | 7oATP | Versus2013 ( The international event included the conference VerSus, which was developed within the framework of the project. The blind peer- review conference proceedings ‘Vernacular Heritage and Earthen Architecture: Contributions for Sustainable Development’ was published by CRC/ Taylor and Francis Group (Correia et al. 2013b). The publication gathered 140 papers constituting 281 authors coming from 50 countries from Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

CIAV2013 conference presented preliminary results of the European Research Project, especially in areas with so relevant contribution to knowledge as cultural heritage & building cultures; materials & constructive techniques; territory & environmental adaptation; energy efficiency & sustainable design; natural hazards & risk mitigation; education and new research focus. The overall conference and publication contributed to the reflection regarding which future for vernacular architecture in today’s world of rapid global changing.

CIAV 2013 Final Programme

VerSus2014 | 2º MEDITERRA | 2º ResTAPIA

In September 2014, Universitat Politècnica de València, Instituto de Restauración del Patrimonio and Escola Superior Gallaecia organized in Valencia, Spain, the International Conference on Vernacular Heritage, Sustainability and Earthen Architecture VerSus2014 | 2º MEDITERRA | 2º ResTAPIA. The international event received more than 400 contributions from experts coming from the 5 continents, which provides a glance of the importance and pertinence of VerSus 2014 conference and research project.

VerSus 2014 peer-review proceedings had also a relevant contribution to VerSus framework, through an extended study of sustainability in architecture; vernacular architecture and sustainability; lessons from vernacular heritage for sustainable contemporary architecture. The 2nd MEDITERRA conference was also associated to the main event through the Mediterranean earthen architecture theme; and the 2nd resTAPIA was associated too, through Rammed earth architecture and conservation theme.

CIAV 2013 Final Programme